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holidays in the rain [Jan. 1st, 2007|12:31 am]
[mood |mean drunk]
[music |mastodon]

you know what kind of sucks?

what kind of sucks is, making plans for new years (admittedly last-minute) with some very good friends, who then bail on you around 8:30 due to alarmist and inaccurate weather reports, and your roommate and stepsister show up unexpectedly right as said friends are bailing, so all of a sudden you've got new plans, and then about 11:30, your roommate and stepsister slip off to hook up, and no one else is answering their phone, so come midnight you're drinking whiskey and morosely lighting off firecrackers, alone.

you know, i'd kind of forgotten for awhile why exactly i used to be such a misanthropic alcoholic. i remember now. it's because alcohol doesn't fucking flake out on you.

happy fucking new years. this year, i resolve to get a dog and thereafter ignore the human race.
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PARTY! [May. 27th, 2005|11:00 pm]
[mood |stoked]
[music |television personalities - part time punks]


barbeque partay @ my house! tomorrow! starts at noon, ends when the kegs (yes, that's plural) run out. we got the side dishes covered, bring whatever you want to put on the grill. 833 morris st. come one, come all.
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(no subject) [Jan. 12th, 2005|02:33 am]
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